Career Profiling Test

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Ques 1 :- Do you like to solve puzzles when you get free time?
Ques 2 :- Do you like to repair an old broken machine?
Ques 3 :- Do you like to do scientific experiments?
Ques 4 :- Are you a good listener?
Ques 5 :- Do you love to design a cover/ads/website?
Ques 6 :- Do you like to track monthly expenses for a company/household expenses?
Ques 7 :- Do you like to coordinate a business conference?
Ques 8 :- Do you explore various ways to solve a problem?
Ques 9 :- At a party you would like to mingle and make new friends?
Ques 10 :- Will you use excel/spreadsheets to organize financial data?
Ques 11 :- Do You like to play sports/outdoor games?
Ques 12 :- Do you like to design your clothes?
Ques 13 :- Will you motivate employees to achieve success?
Ques 14 :- Do you like to look at cells/microorganisms through a microscope?
Ques 15 :- Do you like to create special effects/graphics?
Ques 16 :- Do you like to work in groups?
Ques 17 :- Would you hire and fire employees?
Ques 18 :- Would you like to close an important business deal?
Ques 19 :- Do you like putting things together or assembling things?
Ques 20 :- Would you like to start a new business?